Andis Magnetic Universal Attachment Set #0.5 & #1.5 2pcs

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Andis Magnetic Universal Attachment Set #0.5 & #1.5  2pcs

It's easy to think of clipper accessories as disposable and easily replaced. Take, for example, attachment combs. Perhaps you let them fly around your shop, never returning them to their case. Perhaps you've already lost some. The truth is that not all accessories are created equal. Purchase replacement combs for your clippers that are specifically designed for them. These sets are easily magnetically attached. They are made of a very strong polymer and fit the following models: MBA MC-2 ML PM-1 and PM-2. And because they're made by Andis, you know they're sturdy, dependable, and will fit your Andis clippers perfectly. Don't dismiss your accessories as an afterthought. Purchase a spare set or two to keep on hand.