Capilo Ekilibrium Shampoo #09 Oily Scalp/Dry Hair 300ml

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Capilo Ekilibrium Shampoo #09 Oily Scalp & Dry Hair 300ml

Shampoo for oily hair is recommended for treating scalps characterized by an overproduction of oil and dry hair. Its double action allows it to act on the roots and scalp as a sebum regulating agent while providing nutrients and emollients to the mid-sections that improve the health of the hair.


  • Great sebum-regulating action.
  • Acts by balancing the pH and regulating excess sebum.
  • Provides nutrients to strengthen the hair.
  • Powerful disinfectant and soothing action.

Paraben, sulphate, silicone and allergen-free formula.

Available in 300 ml and 1L formats.