Capilo Vitalikum Shampoo #05 Hairloss & Oily Dandruff 1ltr

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Capilo Vitalikum Shampoo #05 Hair Loss & Oily Dandruff 1ltr

Intensive treatment shampoo. Treats hair loss caused by oily dandruff.

Specifically recommended treating hair loss associated with oily dandruff. Quillaia extract reduces the oily texture of the hair, with a profound hygienic action that eliminates dandruff. The stem cell activator promotes cell renewal and the activation of hair growth.


  • Intensively regulates the overproduction of oil.
  • Stops hair loss.
  • Strengthens the scalp and thickens the hair.
  • Makes hair shinier and more flexible.

Paraben, sulphate, silicone and allergen-free formula.

Available in 300 ml and 1L formats.