Framar Plant Mom Dreamweaver Combs

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Framar Plant Mom Dreamweaver Combs

Set of 3 - (Small) (Medium) (Large)

You won’t be-LEAF how fast these combs can weave!

Tell me more: Spend less time weaving your highlighting sections and more time in the garden this summer, because these gorgeous green combs are the ultimate TIME SAVER! Sectioning has never been such a breeze!


  • As requested by stylists, the new and improved Dreamweaver comb is now available with an extra long, stainless steel pintail for parting and sectioning.
  • Three different sized combs quickly and easily separate hair into small sections for highlights.
  • One simple move of the comb creates several even sections ready to be painted, a step that typically requires several minutes of weaving with a pintail.
  • Static free, prevents frizz and flyaways that can get in the way.