Framar Plant Mom Embossed Roll -12.7cm x 97.5mtr

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Framar Plant Mom Embossed Roll

320 ft - choose your own length - embossed

Perfect for locks that grow faster than your plant babies!

Tell me more: With its stunning succulents and customizable length, we can confirm this gorgeous green embossed roll is a grower, AND a show-er!


  • This leafy green embossed roll is plant-tastically patterned with the cutest little succulents!
  • This lush line is dedicated to the plant moms of the salon, we see you and we salute you - it ain’t easy being green!
  • Cut foil to desired length. Great for long hair and minimizes waste.
  • Embossed texture grips hair so that you can breeze through any service.
  • Comes in it's own dispensing box with blade for cutting foil.