Quino Moelle 500ml

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Quino Moelle 500ml

Hydro-Lipidic Lotion

Quino Moelle Nutritive Silk Plus

  • Formulated for hair that is dry or sensitized and lacking in hydro-lipids such as colored, bleached, chemically treated hair.
  • Ideal for hair that is difficult to detangle.
  • Softens fragile, brittle hair.
  • Works from the inside, strengthening and regenerating the capillary structure.
  • Gives heat protection against hairdryers and irons.
  • Hydro-lipidic action produces amino acids, boosting the formation of young, healthy cells that ensure softness, restoration, and capillary protection.
  • Hair becomes internally restored, hydrated and manageable.
  • Provides exceptional shine and softness.

Sulphate Free, Paraben Free, Silicon-Free