Vitamin Recharge Detox & Co. 1L

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Just like your skin, pollution is one of the factors that cause the premature ageing of your hair.

Polluting agents cause the formation of Free Radicals. They contaminate, block the pores, and destroy antioxidants such as vitamins C and E.

Dual action: Detox + Anti-pollution > Purifying action + Protective action

Smart protective barrier against:

  • UV / Solar pollution
  • Air pollution (carbon particles, particle matter, metals)
  • Domestic pollution (chemicals)

Specifically formulated to achieve a dual action: Detox + Anti-pollution. Purifies hair and helps regulate the scalp.

The contribution from polysaccharides obtained through biotechnology prevents the incrustation of particles and creates an anti-pollution barrier, with 76%* more protection against free radicals. Thanks to the multivitamin complex and the specific active ingredients the hair gets reinvigorated and incredibly shiny.

Formula: Sulphate, paraben, silicon- and allergen-free.