Wahl A-Lign trimmer

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5 Star A·Lign Trimmer The Wahl 5 Star A·LIGN Trimmer

  • The thin, narrow design of the T-blade provides exceptional visibility and control; designed for one-hit lining, trimming and detail work in even the smallest spaces.
  • Designed for ergonomics, increased visibility, and precision in compact spaces.
  • The zero-gap adjustable blades are constructed of high-carbon steel and chrome plated for corrosion resistance and durability.
  • If you want a zero-gap adjustable T-blade, quiet motor and a cordless, 3-hour run time, you need the A·LIGN trimmer.

Suitable for: Beard Trim, Detail Work, Fade, Fine Lining, Gradual Fading, Partial Trimming, Precision Detailing, Precision Fading, Trimming