Wahl Blade Oil 60ml

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Wahl Blade Oil 60ml

Wahl Blade Oil (60ml) is specifically prepared to lubricate, protect and maintain clipper blades. Carefully place two to three drops of oil between the blades of your clipper for optimal performance.  

-Comes in a handy easy to dispense bottle.

-Specially formulated for WAHL electric hair clippers and trimmers.

-Regular use will prolong blade life and cutting.

-Made in the USA.

-Suitable for all WAHL, OSTER, Heiniger, Shernbao and ANDIS clippers.


1. With the blade directed downwards, turn the clipper/trimmer on.

2. Apply three drops of oil – one on each side and one in the middle.

3. With the clipper/trimmer still on, move the taper lever back and forth to work oil into the blade.

4. Turn off the clipper/trimmer and blot excess oil with a clean towel.